The signature breakfast

At Pollicastro Boutique Hotel the day starts with a special breakfast, composed by typical degustation menus that promise the best awakening you could ever wish. The most refined flavours meet in a balanced mix between tradition and gourmet cuisine and satisfy every taste.

There are four thematic menus which present a variety of delicacies, from the most popular to the most unusual. Combinations, which are never ordinary, are the distinctive mark of Pollicastro Boutique Hotel breakfast.

The Salentino degustation menu a dip into the tradition of the local flavours. A selection of typical sweet and savoury products of Salento. From 'pasticciotto' to 'rustico' known all around the world, from the brioche to the tasty fresh ricotta cheese with sesame seeds and honey. Of course, the typical 'Caffè Leccese', espresso on ice with almond syrup is a must-try  during your stay in the city. 

The Griko degustation menu: where Salento meets the tastes of the Hellenic tradition. Led by Anna, key figure, of Greek origin and Salentina in the heart after years of living in Salento, the breakfast becomes a journey between Salento and Greece, in a real explosion of tastes and smells. Here, the 'Bugazza', Greek sweet made of phyllo pastry, semolina custard and cinnamon meets the Spanakòpita, crusty focaccia with feta cheese and spinach, and the Fanuropita with raisins and cinnamon. The Chef suggests the 'Kagianàs, scrumbled eggs with fresh tomato with feta cheese and basil on a toasted bread. The authenticity of Greece is fully enjoyed with a 'Cold Espresso' or 'Cold cappuccino'.

The Pugliese degustation menu: will delight you with whole grain croissants filled with Martina Franca capocollo ham, cheese and fresh Apulian dairy products, with special breads and dried fruits, cakes with walnuts and cinnamon and seasonal fresh fruits.

Even if you do not want to give up on your healthy habits while you are on holiday, the Healthy degustation menu will not let you down. Carrot cake, whipped egg white with julienne courgettes on toasted brioche bread, homemade oat bars with dark chocolate and peanut butter, multigrain sandwich with honey turkey breast, salad and tomato and whole flour pancakes with red fruits and maple syrup. All accompanied by fresh squeezed orange juice or fresh fruit extract.

This and much more to turn the most important moment of the day into the dream breakfast! 

In addition to the suggested degustation menus, the Boutique Hotel offers many other products: variety of yoghurts, fresh bread, selection of cereals, cow's milk and vegetal milks, fresh fruits, fruit jams, honey and freshly prepared eggs, according to the guests' tastes.