4 star suite with cave pool in Lecce

Few experiences match staying at a 4 star suite with cave pool in Lecce. An exclusive corner where you can enjoy the best of Pollicastro Boutique Hotel’s unique brand of elegance and comfort. The Grand Deluxe Ninfeo Suite boasts a XVIth century lunette style ceiling, which gives guests a mesmerizing play of lights and shadows that adds further charm to the already welcoming atmosphere.


When you book at our 4 star suite with cave pool in Lecce, you will be able to take the stairs leading to the underground cave where the basin is located. The rock walls and waterworks seamlessly blend with the medieval architecture of the building and the stylish modern furnishings that give the room its personality. Afterwards you can sit on one of the antique armchairs and warm yourself in front of a charming fireplace while sipping a cup of tea or coffee.


The ample spaces and utmost attention to detail are part of what makes this 4 star suite with cave pool in Lecce so special. Then there is our list of additional services: personal massage sessions and beauty treatments will make your sojourn even more memorable.


Contact us if you need more information about our structure or to know about the suite’s availability. Make reservations now!